Kathryn's Inheritance

This is the story of a young woman from Ireland who lives in New York City. Her parents die, and she is on her own. She is beautiful and she marries a wealthy man who is unfaithful to her. Her husband Henry is on a business trip and he falls off his horse and is killed. Kathryn inherits a 20,000 acre ranch.

This book is clean and wholesome. It is written for families, LDS, and Christians. There are no sexual innuendos or swearing. My youngest reader is a boy 9 years old. My oldest is a woman 103 years old. There is action, suspense, adventure, love, and you will even shed a few tears. Enjoy the read.


  • LDS Christian
  • Family Oriented
  • Clean and Wholesome
  • Inspirational, Western Story

Now Kathryn, theres another investment that your late husband made, that you were unaware of. It is a ranch with 20,000 acres. She asked, A 20,000 acre ranch, cowboys and all? Mr. Johnson was now smiling, Yes my dear, a ranch that has cows, horses, cowboys and all. He said, Kathryn, as your attorney I would advise you to sell it. Its no place for a woman, especially one who is young, widowed and knows nothing about ranching. Kathryn replied, Henry told me I didnt have a brain in my head, and all that I had was a beautiful face. He further said that I would never amount to anything without him. Kathryn said firmly, I want to keep that ranch, and to prove to myself that I have a good brain, and that I can do anything I set my mind to.


Kathryn walked into her parlor and standing there impatiently was Mr. Rainey, her ranch foreman with his hat in hand, and looking very disgruntled. He said, Im quittin maam, its because youre a woman. Kathryn angrily asked, And what does my being a woman have to do with anything, Mr. Rainey? He said, Youre a city woman and you dont know a thing about ranching. You should a sold this ranch to some man who at least understood how to run it. He continued, Another thing, I dont want to babysit no woman and teach her how to run a ranch.He continued You send Ed to Denver and put an ad in the newspaper for a foreman. And be sure you tell em theyll be workin for a woman.


Kathryn was now running for her life. She heard the cow close behind her, and suddenly strong arms picked her up and pulled her to safety. Terrified, she found she was on the lap of a man. She couldnt see his face as he raced his horse away to safety. Kathryn turned and noticed the handsome stranger was clean shaven, and his hair was cut and he smelled absolutely wonderful. He had on some type of mens tonic that was close to what Henry used to wear. Sitting on his lap, she didnt notice any body odor that was prevalent with of the ranch hands. She leaned back and absentmindedly took a small sniff. The stranger let out a small chuckle and said, Yes, maam I do bathe, and if waters available I do it as often as possible. He said, I saw the advertisement in the Denver paper, and came out to apply for the job as ranch foreman.

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Kathryn's Inheritance

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